Unknown Lights

Parallel dimension hidden within every photo

There are special details hidden within every photography

Multiple universes hidden within RAW photography? No, it’s just vast amount of details hidden by automatic correction system of digital camera. With use of proper tools and by trusting that artist has some good taste, unbelievable results can be achieved. Process of digging into details of photography can uncover completely hidden rays of light, unknown lights. Other than that, it can completely change feeling of plain boring shot. It can literally create thunderstorm out of nowhere.

In some cases, photos are completely transformed into pieces of art. Almost like paintings, sometimes more like cartoons. I tried to experiment with few different techniques and result of my work is visible in presented gallery. There are little unique details in every presented piece.


Tatooine, Paris, Tunis, Venice, New York

Author / Date

Sabretti, 2021


Adobe Lightroom, Paint.NET

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“She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts.”

Han Solo

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