Unforgettable Sights

Once seen, cannot be unseen

To remember at least one epic sight from every adventure

Best views are always worth the adventure. Just to mention few, there are lovely coasts in Italy, beautiful churches in France, unbelievable natural stones in Turkey and breathtaking castles in San Marino vicinity. Those views are so wide and detailed that those adventures will never get boring. Those places can be viewed many times, always something new will be found within their beauty. Some new detail, new features or new stories. Those shots share one trait – those views are shouting to the audience to come back, to see those places again. Remember vacations or rather end of holidays in spots that were so good that you promised yourselves to visit again? Those are the adventures worth remembering.

It’s never boring, perfect sights are different on every day. Different weather, sun rays angle, human intervention can change the piece completely. For painter, that’s disaster. For digital art, that’s opportunity.


Assisi, Capri, Sienna, Zelve, Goreme, San Marino, Paris





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“Life is a journey, not a destination.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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