Redefine Selfies

Not all fo them must be the same

How selfies looked like hundred years ago? Exactly like that.

Collection made after simple experiment. Many photos that I took over the last years were used to create artistic vision of modern portraits. It was interesting to see what can be done with current technology. Same technique was used for my photo (Artist tab). Most of photos used here were not even full screen selfies. This project was made from small scratches where models were appearing in the background of other – more important for those shots – objects or actions.

If selfie existed 100 years ago, it would look exactly like this collection. Some paintings share quite a lot of emotions, maybe even more that it would be possible to extract by paint. We might be close to the point, where any talented photographer will be able to create unique portraits that will be undistinguishable from real paintings. Not there yet, but it’s coming for sure.


Smartphone camera at any moment





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