Places like no other

You know you wont find another like this one

Unique and hard to forget places that will never get old

This collection was very easy to gather. Those are the pieces that are super special. Places which might never be copied by humans, not in the 100% same way. There are shots of moments that are happening only once per few year, nature that was working as it should exactly at desired moment. Collection is full of photos that I knew were special the moment I took them. There are some unbelievable perspectives that are completely wrong according to every professional book. Colors that are not real enough or contrast that is far from perfect. This was made on pure feeling. Composition and colors are exactly as imagined by the author. There is a feeling that was supposed to be shared with those settings and nothing can change that.

Special place is held for Notre Dame Cathedral. This photos was taken just few months before the fire damaged it, from perspective that is not available anymore. This part of church was destroyed, we will not see it again for years to come. Shot was taken from high floor of university building that is now closed because of Covid. This piece will not be easy to recreate. Not in short future. It’s one to cherish.


Assisi, Washington, New York, Paris, Barcelona, Capri





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