Life Before Covid

Better times

Sweet remainder of how world felt before pandemic times

Collection of simple – any time of day – events that we took for granted. Leaving house with animals, standing in long lines to the museums, swimming in pool full of other tourists. There were people living their life on the streets, selling their work made with their own talent. Dialog with people was normal, there were no barriers, no masks. Even car traffics were non-existent for a moment! It was like that forever and suddenly someone took it from us.

Do you remember standing on wooden bridges to avoid water in Venice? Pope speaking to everyone gathered in Vatican? Or huge protest that moved thru Manhattan to show what they feel about candidates in upcoming presidential election? Things were happening, there was more life in life. We will be back to this at some point, till then it’s good to remember what are we missing and why it’s good to support vaccinations!


New York, Pamukkale, Venice, Paris, Sienna, Vatican, Rome





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“Don’t count the days, make the days count.”

Muhammad Ali

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