News from my digital adventure

New collection: Unknown Lights

Child born of experiments with hidden contrast/light information hidden in RAW photos. Final results are unexpected and each photography presents its own different secrets. Its huge playground for any artist to find them within the data. I had fun creating this collection, I hope you will like it as much as I do.

Paint by Numbers arrived!

I’m happy to announce another collection added to the site. I tried my best to transform by best photos into the paintings that can be done by everyone by themselves. Just take the brush, get some oil paint and real art can be created in no time. Please check it, I’m sharing high resolution examples …

Embarking on Open Sea

I’m not going to hide it. One of the ideas behind going online was to try using NFT markets. Commotion about this type of transaction is so huge at the moment, I really wanted to try it. Some of my works might be interesting for some buyers. I hope so, I believe so. Crossed fingers.

Digial adventure begins

After many years of offline work as photographer / artsist wannabe, I finally decieded to create this project and start publication of my collections thru online channels. Hopefulyl this will create some positive feelings around my works. Main goal is to make sure it reaches as wide audience as possible. I hope you – visitor …