Feels Like Being There

You were there, you know the feeling

Digital Art at its best

There are paintings and photos that create special feeling in the audience. Viewer feels like he’s there, inside the place, he hears sounds, feels sun on his skin, remembers smells and texture of objects that he had touched before. Those special shots always present some unique story hidden in its details. It could be memory of hard bargain found at the market, traditional dance that we enjoyed, horrible smell of Venice canals that we didn’t expect. Nothing about that in tour description!

Other emotions can be connected with people, with gatherings that we joined, to fight for cause or meet with friends that came with us for sightseeing or lover that we took on romantic voyage at the Manhattans Lake. There are so many stories hidden in art, it wouldn’t be fun to share creations if there was no emotions connected with each piece.


Venice, Paris, Verona, New York, Capri


2012 - 2017



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“It feels like forever since I’ve been 'here' without being 'there' and 'there too' and what about 'there'."

Huntley Fitzpatrick

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